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Dancing with Thieves

by Cally Magalhães

£13.99 inc. p&p

In 1994, Cally, a British actress and teacher, read a magazine article about street children in São Paulo, Brazil. Deeply touched by what she read, and sensing a ‘call’ to this nation, she moved to Brazil in 1999, hoping she could do something to help. Her autobiography Dancing with Thieves tells of her personal life with its joys, struggles and disappointments; her experiences in India and Estonia, and the last twenty-one years in São Paulo where she runs The Eagle Project.

After working on the streets for ten years, she now works in youth and adult prisons leading psychodrama workshops based on the theories of Restorative Justice.

Dancing with Thieves tells of her incredible journey of faith, love and overcoming, showing that it is possible to change people's lives, one at a time. Cally is also a speaker at churches and conferences, and the mother of two teenage sons, Benjamin and Joseph.

What others are saying about Dancing with Thieves...

'Cally Magalhães’ memoir is a gripping page-turner of an autobiography. With a novelist’s eye for descriptive detail, Cally invites us to accompany her on her astonishing journey from England to India and Estonia, and finally to São Paulo, Brazil. We join her as she follows a trail of signs and blessings to bring relief, hope and healing to people who need help, wherever they may be – in the streets, the favelas, the prisons or hidden under bridges. She describes in moving detail the transformational work of The Eagle Project, using psychodrama and Restorative Justice in Brazilian prisons. To read this book is to be inspired by the positive change one person can bring to so many individual lives – changing the world one person at a time. Cally has much to teach us about being fully present for all of life’s events and challenges. With hard-won wisdom and deep reflection, she describes a life based on faith and gratitude, encapsulated in her ringing sentence, ‘When you help people who have nothing, then you realise you have everything.’ Her memoir has lessons for us all about what it means to walk the earth with grace and love.'


Clark Baim, PhD Director, Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama, UK Founder of Geese Theatre Company UK

'Wow, this book is amazing. Cally’s personality and energy dance on the pages. With an open and honest approach, she takes the reader with her on some remarkable adventures, testifying to God’s faithfulness in the midst of exciting, terrifying and heart-wrenching situations, and demonstrating what relying on God is really all about. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapters of Cally’s life!'


Frances Miles, Chief Relationship Officer, Stewardship

'This inspirational book is a constant journey from darkness to light: equipped with a profound understanding of theatre, play and performance and a deep faith, Cally has brought hope and positive attitudes to the lost, the desperate and the unloved. Like the biblical couple on the road to Emmaus, she talks of Jesus and shocking events whilst intervening on His behalf into the lives of those who might appear to be beyond human reach.'


Kenneth Pickering, Hon Professor of Drama, University of Kent and co-founder of the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London

'An inspirational story of heartbreak, faith, hope and joy. It is wonderful to see how God has shaped and called Cally, using some of the most challenging experiences of her life to help transform the lives of the most vulnerable. A beautiful journey of discovery and the transformational power of love, from the small town of Harpenden to the streets and prisons of São Paulo.'


Nicola Temple, Head of Inspired Individuals, Tearfund

'Make no mistake, this is a faith-building book. A truly biblical hero’s journey in which an ordinary woman answers a seemingly crazy call from God and where God constantly shows up throughout the journey in remarkable and miraculous ways. You will be moved, amazed, challenged and inspired by the profound humanity on show in all its beauty and ugliness, and how one person has impacted a nation with God’s supernatural help. A timeless story of hope amidst the darkness.'


Tim Richardson Director, Waverley Learning

'Cally’s amazing story, so vividly told in Dancing with Thieves, will draw you into every stage of her personal journey of faith and inspire you to believe... Believe that God is present everywhere, from the suffering, pain, raw joy and community of the favelas of São Paulo, to the seemingly ‘perfect’ suburbs of London. Believe that God still is in the business of making all things new, with no life or circumstance too far gone for Him to restore and use for His purposes in the world. Believe that our human failings and failures, when brought before God, bring us to the place of revelation, hope and new beginnings. Believe that what is impossible for the experts of this world, is totally possible for the creator and sustainer of all things. I had the privilege of coaching Cally during a part of her incredible journey and my life was inspired as a witness to her faithful,  tenacious and dedicated response to God’s call on her life. What a gift now for many more seekers, sojourners and followers to be inspired as well through this wonderful memoir.'

Thomas G. Yaccino, Global Connector-Coach-Consultant

A Love that can't be contained.png

A Love That Can't Be Contained

by Cally Magalhães

£12.75 inc. p&p

To purchase, please contact Cally on WhatsApp: +55 11 99935 2828 or email

A Love That Can’t Be Contained is for those who long for a deeper relationship with the Lord, and if you have a desire to find practical ways to share your faith or serve God in missions, then this book is for you. I really hope my words will encourage and inspire you in your journey with God, and the mission He has for you here on this earth. That mission might be in your hometown or in another nation or nations, but one thing is certain, God has a mission for your life.


The ongoing story of Cally Magalhães’ work with the poor in Brazil. Stories that will lift, anecdotes that are thought-provoking, a true story of God at work. There are useful questions at the end of each chapter for the reader to review what they are reading, and challenge them both in their own personal walk with Jesus as well as helping them think about whether God is calling them into short or long-term missions. A truly inspirational book, one that draws the reader closer to God.

What others are saying about A Love That Can't Be Contained...

'Cally inspires and challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and allow God to use us to bring his love and comfort to a hurting world. Cally’s life is a beautiful example of radical love for Jesus. Like Mary of Bethany, she has broken her vase and poured her life out on Jesus, through loving the poor, the outcasts, the marginalised, and this fragrance of love has touched many hearts and changed many lives. As you read her stories, you too will learn the secret of this love that can’t be contained.'


Connie Calder and Andrew Taylor, YWAM England

'Cally Magalhães has often been asked when she’s going to get a proper job. If trusting God completely with her life, flying out to the favelas of São Paulo and founding a ground-breaking, life-changing charity working with young men in the youth prisons isn’t a proper job then I don’t know what is. Her second book is written in the genre I’m calling missionary memoir, taking the reader from her very first experiences of mission and her growing reliance on God and it’s totally gripping. Each chapter ends with a set of gently challenging questions. Beautifully written and totally unputdownable, I absolutely loved it and so will you.'


Ruth Leigh, freelance writer, novelist and creative writing coach

'This is truly the most accessible and authentic resource for sharing the uncontainable love of God with non-religious people. Cally is a humble and inspiring guide throughout, drawing on her own stories of mistakes as well as marvels. This will be the first book I'll give from now on to anyone who wants to become a missionary in contexts near and far. It is a terrific manual for anyone who wants to share the message, mercy, and miracles that speak of the Father's limitless love.'


Mark Stibbe, Author of Home at Last, Fate of Kings and King of Hearts

'An eye-opening, page-turning, potentially life-changing personal account of working with the poor and marginalised in long-term missions. Cally’s story, and the helpful questions found at the end of the chapters, will encourage the reader to think about and respond to God’s call on their own life. Moving, challenging and inspirational.'


Sheila Jacobs, award-winning writer, editor, author of A Little Book of Rest

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