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The Eagle Project is a registered charity in Brazil, run by Cally Magalhães and team who began working in São Paulo in 1999 to rescue children and young people living on the streets. São Paulo is one of the largest and most violent cities in the world with extreme poverty and lack of proper health care and education.

Their focus now is helping 15-19 year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds where abuse, drugs, illiteracy and violence is a normal part of their lives. They work with groups of adolescents in youth prisons, who participate in a programme of twelve psychodrama workshops, based on the principles of Restorative Justice (the Breaking the Chains Project). They are now also working with adult women in prison offering the same programme of workshops and assistance (Project Lift-off).

The projects offer individual counselling and the lifeskills they need to prepare themselves for life after their release. The team accompanies them and their families for at least two years to help with professional courses,  employment or whatever other assistance they and their family may need. Their aim is to encourage positive choices and reduce the likelihood of reoffence. Of those who have taken part in at least 12 sessions 80% have not reoffended.

In her book, Dancing with Thieves, Cally Magalhães tells of her personal life with its joys, struggles and disappointments; her experiences in India and Estonia, and the last twenty-one years in São Paulo where she runs The Eagle Project.


people murdered in Brazil in 2018


children under the age of 14 live in EXTREME poverty in Brazil


of prisons are overcrowded


Project - Mission

To break the vicious circle of crime, violence and drug abuse by working with adolescents in youth prisons and adult prisoners in São Paulo, Brazil. We aim to reduce the possibility of re-offence through a programme of workshops, professional help and family visits.

The Eagle Project` is giving many young people and adults in Brazil the opportunity to find their ‘wings’, dream big dreams and begin a new life, far from violence and crime.

Walace Gasparetto da Silva is studying radiology at UNICID university

Walace went to the youth prison four times. His older brother is in prison and his younger brother was murdered at the age of 16. He really needed help to stop reoffending.

Walace: “Thank you to The Eagle Project for everything you are doing to help me! Without you I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dream of being a radiologist!”

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Walace Gasparetto da Silva is studying radiology at UNICID university


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